Welcome to the Chili Kickoff Cookoff For Make-A-Wish!

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The 2015 Chili Kickoff Cookoff For Make-A-Wish is coming up October 25, and just like the championship game of a certain sport after which we’re themed, we’re pulling out all the stops to make this the best charity event in Chicagoland.

You know that other big game is played in the biggest and best stadiums, often domes. After watching the first two Chili Kickoff Cookoffs explode in size like the NFL’s passing numbers, we’ve moved to the 66,000-square foot McQ’s Sports Dome in Bolingbrook. This huge venue is giving us the room we need to make our big day an epic event.

Every football team that has played in the big game knows teamwork is paramount in getting there. The quarterback can’t make plays alone, the running backs can’t score without blocking and the entire defense is there to ensure your team comes out on top. We’re incredibly lucky to have put together an amazing team of our own to pull off the 2015 Chili Kickoff Cookoff. And unlike Bill Belichick, we’re more than happy to share our game plan!

Everyone comes out to see the quarterback because nothing happens without him. We have not one, but 22 quarterbacks on our team. Our lineup of chili chefs comes from some of the hottest and locally invested restaurants, as well as four top-ranked amateurs, all of whom are cooking up their best to earn your and our judges’ votes for chili MVP.

NFL running backs need to have a diverse set of skills to thrive. They run, block, catch passes and lay it all out no matter if they have the ball or not. Likewise, businesses and our generous fans alike have collected a diverse array of silent-auction items and prizes that you can bid on and win. Whether you want to spend a weekend celebrating in the city and need a hotel package or you just want to party at home with friends and need a big basket of wine, we have prizes for you! Every penny raised from these items is rushed right to Make-A-Wish Illinois.

But what about those flash guys, the wide receivers? You know, the ones who make all the noise? We have some of the best noise-makers in the area in the band 3 In Counting. These high-energy groove gods attack every song like an 80-yard bomb. If they’re not on stage, you’ll probably still hear a lot of noise coming from our 32-team cornhole tournament that will award $800 in prize money.


A team’s offensive line provides all the support needed to make big plays happen, and it’s often said they’re doing their job if you don’t hear anything about them. Not at the Chili Kickoff Cookoff For Make-A-Wish! Our sponsors have given us an incredible amount of help and are committed to making wishes come true, and we want you to know who they are.

And we’re not going to forget about the other side of the ball. Should you need anything during the event, our team of volunteers from local organizations will act like All-Pro cornerbacks and linebackers to make sure you’re covered.

We’re lucky to have a brilliant staff of assistant coaches to break down the chili that’s going on every spoon. Our celebrity judges represent the best of sports, food and entertainment in Chicagoland, and we even have the mayor of Bolingbrook!

Our team is here to champion one cause: To raise money to grant as many wishes as possible for brave Illinois kids. When you join us on the field at McQ’s on October 25, you’re supporting a Hall of Fame organization in Make-A-Wish Illinois!


If you are interested in sponsorship, please see our 2015 Chili Kickoff Cookoff Sponsorship Opportunities for more information.


Refer a Child

McQs transparent

730 N. Bolingbrook Dr, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Sunday, October 25, 2015
Time 12:00pm


If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us at sponsorship@chilikickoffcookoff.com

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