2008 Wishes


Vincent (3)Vincent, 17, is a star athlete at his high school in New Lenox, Illinois, participating in basketball, baseball and golf. Sports are his life’s passion, and he spends many hours practicing and honing his skills. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Johnny Depp movies; playing poker; and enjoying his favorite foods, macaroni and cheese and pasta.

In 2007, Vincent was diagnosed with cancer. Although his condition often makes him tired, he doesn’t let it stop him from playing in a big game. That determination drives him toward success and helps him overcome any obstacles along the way.

Vincent is an avid basketball player, so his big wish is to have his own basketball court in his yard. The court would give him the chance to play whenever he feels well enough and would be a terrific incentive to building up his strength as he finishes his treatments. Vinny is very excited for this wish to come true and can’t wait to invite his friends over to play hoops.


Sarah (2)Sarah, an aspiring zoologist from Peoria, Illinois, is a sweet and shy 12-year-old who just adores animals, especially cats. Like most kids her age, she loves to read books and watch shows about magical places and characters. Some of her favorites are Alice in Wonderland, Shrek, Ella Enchanted and anything Disney-related.

In 2007, Sarah was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, causing some significant complications.  She must carefully monitor her health and her blood-sugar levels or her organs may be damaged.

After giving her wish a great deal of thought, Sarah turned to her true love and wished for a week filled with animals. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Sarah and her family flew to San Diego to enjoy a week at the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park and Sea World. Sarah loved everything about the trip, but her favorite part was the VIP tour of the Wild Animal Park in a golf cart.  “It was really fun, and I was able to see a lot of animals,” she said. Sarah also reveled in the world-famous San Diego Zoo and its 4,000-plus animals of more than 800 species, including pandas! The trip was a wonderful experience for Sarah and a treasure trove of great memories.

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